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Enterprise Class Cloud-Based Software Licensing

The Nalpeiron Licensing & Analytics Service is a hosted product that enables you to control your Enterprise and IOT applications with flexible and easy to implement License Management as well as intimately understand your Customers usage and core KPI's with simple to deploy Software Analytics.

With our highly reliable modern cloud infrastructure (99.9% SLA) there’s no need for capital intensive on-premise servers, you can easily integrate Nalpeiron with your other systems through our suite of web services, webhooks, zapier support and data export capabilities. 

Enterprise, desktop, mobile and IOT applications are easily integrated including all major versions of Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Online or Offline, you can easily price, package and sell your software any way your customers need to buy. Our dynamic entitlements architecture allows cloud-based API control of your perpetual, usage, subscription, floating, concurrent, and feature-based license models.

Nalpeiron's Reseller Portal also allows you to sell and control a multi-tier channel. 

Finally, you can flow real-time licensing event and feature usage analytic data to both in-house and 3rd party cloud services, such as data warehouses, CRM, and marketing platforms.

Nalpeiron Support Services

Support is available for customers during a trial or with a valid subscription to one of services and is available through our Customer Center at as are free source code, license managers, test harnesses, upgrades, patches and much more to speed your implementation. Please note all support is via our online service.




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MacOS 10.12 Sierra changes to Gatekeeper affecting installers and updaters

MacOS 10.12 Sierra, shipping Q4 2016, will incorporate changes in Gatekeeper which are expected to affect many existing installers and updaters.  To ensure that software using the Nalpeiron Licensing and Analytics libraries continues to function correctly, please ensure that you are following the guidelines set out by Apple for installation and software signing. 

Further information may be obtained here:

As of April 2014 Nalpeiron will no longer support Win XP, as we always follow the OS manufacturer support regime. Per Microsoft, support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014. More details here

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